Four People With Incredibly High Bail

It is common knowledge that all Americans have the right to bail, and that bail amounts are to be set to a reasonable amount. However, there are exceptions to every rule! In the event that the judge believes a defendant is a danger to society, or a flight risk, he or she can decide to refuse bail, or set a higher than usual amount. In addition, the bail amount is often chosen in reference to the amount of money the defendant earns. And for those who aren’t in America, they are subject to their own country’s laws on bail. Today we will share with you the stories of 4 individuals with incredibly high bail amounts!

Kening Ma & Shirley Ji

This couple was served with a combined bail amount of 175 million dollars! Based out of Southern California, the husband and wife were taken in for selling all-terrain vehicles without a smog certificate. Kening Ma was held at a bail amount of 100 million, and his wife was held at 75 million.

Michael Milken

This man was arrested in 1989 for 98 counts of racketeering and security fraud. When it comes to financial crimes, you can count on a hefty bail, but his was set at 250 million, one of the highest bail amounts of all time! He was found guilty, but only served 2 years out of his 10 year sentence.


Julius Meinl

This British billionaire was arrested for involvement with illegal share buybacks, and insider trading. His bail was set at 133 million!



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