4 Unusual Court Sentences

As a judge, the frustration of seeing people fall back into a life a crime can be disheartening. However, some judges have begun to fight back by using unusual court sentences to get their point across and keep offenders from repeating their crimes. We think these four sentences made their point quite well.

These Judges Have had it With the Staus Quo

Judgments Don’t Have to be Traditional.

Beer Bottle Guys

In 2006, an Ohio judge sentenced two men that were found guilty of throwing beer bottles at a woman and yelling sexist slurs to 1 night of walking around downtown dresses in dresses, wigs, and makeup. The judge said the point was to realize what it was like to be a woman.

Disrespect is for the Pigs

When a man showed disrespect to police officers by calling them pigs, he was sentenced to holding a pig on a busy street corner with a sign that said, “This is not a police officer”.

An Idiot on Every Corner

When a Colorado woman was convicted of running up onto a sidewalk to pass a stopped school bus that was letting children off, she was ordered to hold up a sign that read, “Only an Idiot Would Drive on a Sidewalk to Avoid a School Bus”.

Cut it Out

When a 12-year-old girl was convicted of cutting a toddler’s ponytail off at a McDonald’s, she and her accomplice were sentenced to restitution, community service, and a short period in juvenile detention. However, the judge reduced the 12-year-old’s sentence when her mom agreed to cut the girl’s hair to chin-length in the courtroom.

In more and more courtrooms, judges are using their authority in more creative ways to try to spark real change with their court sentences. In these cases, we believe that the defendant will not soon forget their lesson. If you find yourself in front of a judge after being arrested, don’t go it alone. Call the Bail Shop, LLC experts at 888-224-5711 for help.