What a Bail Bond Cosigner Should Expect

What a Bail Bond Cosigner should expect

If you become a bail bond cosigner for a buddy or a family member, you’re taking responsibility for them. In the court’s’ eyes, while this person is incarcerated someone on the outside needs to also be held accountable for their actions. This means when you sign the papers on a bail for a friend, you are liable for the money you pay, any assets that your bailee may have agreed to use as collateral and most of all you will be contacted if your bailee doesn’t make it to court. If they leave town or the state, which normally, they won’t have permission to, you will be expected to pay for fines or fees this incurs, even if you never committed a crime.

Bail Bond Cosigner in Lebanon, PA

What to expect if you’re a bail bond cosigner.

What Exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bond is basically pays for jail so you don’t have to stay there, but it doesn’t delete a court date and appearance, and doesn’t affect a judge’s determination of innocence or guilt. It basically ensures the court that you will appear if they let you out of jail now. The government does NOT provide or offer this service – but they dutifully allow third party agencies to make these agreement with you. This means that with every company or organization that offer bail bonds can have slightly different rules, because they are dealt with by independent enterprises and regulatory statutes differ from state to state. Bail Shop LLC can handle bonds all over the US, so you always know what to expect with no surprises and you will ALWAYS have someone you can call if you need to.

The process of bail bonds can be confusing because there’s so many stipulations and rules. But when it’s a friend in jail or a family member, the process can be more than stressful. Contact us at 888-224-5711 for help if you are a bail bond cosigner in Lebanon, PA, today.