Aggravated Assault Bail Bonds

Being arrested can be a terrifying experience, particularly if it’s your first time. If you or someone you know has been arrested on aggravated assault charges, give us a call at  888-224-5711. The friendly professionals at Bail Shop, LLC are experienced in helping clients with their assault charge bail bond questions and services.

How to Handle Assault Charges

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A lawyer can help you address and defend yourself against assault charges!

When it comes to charges such as assault, there are certain things that determine the severity and likelihood of bail. Any aggression that involves touching the aggressor or an object thrown by the aggressor can be considered aggravated assault if it causes the victim fear or harm. Assault bail can be very high, and that is why we offer bonds for assault charges. Why spend that time in jail when you could be spending it preparing for your case and seeking legal advice?

Most judges agree that your behavior when and after you are arrested plays a role in if you are eligible for bail, and how much it will cost if you are. This said, it is important to remain calm and cooperative with your arresting officer, as it will make things easier when it comes to your bail.

Assault Warrants

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Proper preparation before a trial can be very beneficial! Use a bond to get the time you need to prepare for YOUR trial!

Some of our clients already have warrants for assault charges and are interested in turning themselves in. A self-surrender can assist you in many ways! This shows the court that you are cooperative and willing to work with the court. It will help your trial and your bail. If there is already a warrant for your arrest and you would like to turn yourself in, we can also assist you with that. In this situation, we will assist you with something known as a walk-through. You will go to the station and go through processing, fingerprints, photograph, etc, but at the end of the line, you will pay your bond before they put you behind bars.

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