Domestic Violence Bail Bonds

A domestic violence crime carries serious penalties and jail time. If you cannot afford the cash bail amount, you can get assistance from a bail bondsman and pay a small percentage to get out of jail quickly. Contact us today at 888-224-5711 to speak to our bondsmen about domestic violence bail bonds in Lebanon and Reading, PA.

Under Pennsylvania law, a police officer may arrest a person without a warrant if the officer has sufficient evidence for a domestic violence arrest. Some of the following can lead to a warrantless arrest if the officer believes the person has committed any of the following offenses against someone:

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Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail With Domestic Violence Bail Help From Bail Shop, LLC

Following the arrest, the individual is taken to jail and booked where they wait for formal charges from a judge. By law, law enforcement must seize any firearms and other weapons in the residency, which could be used against the person in their court case.

Domestic violence bail is could be set for a high amount depending on the serious nature of the incident. Any reported and documented bodily injury could cause an increase in the bail amount. Bail for those who have been booked for domestic violence can be paid in full through personal funds or through a bail bondsman who requires a small percentage of the total bail as their payment. Posting and paying domestic violence bail through a bondsman from Bail Shop, LLC will give the arrested more time to obtain a good criminal defense lawyer for their court date.

Under Pennsylvania law, once a call has been made to law enforcement about the possibility of domestic violence and that person is caught and brought in, charges cannot be dropped against the individual who is accused by the person who called in. At that point, the judge must determine whether to charge the person or dismiss the case.

Post Bail For Domestic Violence Charges

Need assistance with posting bond for a domestic violence case? Contact us today at 888-224-5711 to let the bondsmen help with domestic violence bail bonds in Lebanon and Reading, PA.