Bail Bonds for Drug Charges

drug charge bail

Before Being Formally Charged For Drugs, Let Bail Shop, LLC Help With A Drug Charge Bail.

Being arrested for any type of drug case can be a chaotic situation that has an unclear end if it may result in a misdemeanor or felony possession. Drug charges carry serious consequences and penalties if convicted by a judge in court. Fines and jail time can vary based on the individual’s prior criminal history and specifically past history of drug-related charges.

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How Pennsylvania Drug Charges are Determined

Sentencing for drug charges is all different based on the type of drug found on the arrested person, and the determining factors of the person’s involvement, such as possession, intent to distribute, trafficking, or manufacturing.

When an individual has been arrested on drug charges, they are booked and a judge will determine if it is a misdemeanor-level possession or a felony-level possession. After an individual has been booked and processed, they can be released from jail after posting bail by either paying the amount in full on their own using personal funds or by using a bail bondsman from Bail Shop, LLC.

Pennsylvania law holds classifications for each sentencing. Punishment for intent to distribute or possession may not receive the same hefty fines and jail time as someone who is found manufacturing drugs. However, the court can issue multiple sentences and drug charges on someone who is found to have been doing a combination of either. Time spent in jail can range from 60 days to 15+ years if found guilty.

Get Bailed Out of Jail with Help From Bail Shop, LLC

Bail bonds are of particular importance when dealing with drug charge cases, as getting out of jail quickly can help the arrestee have more time to find a good lawyer for your upcoming court date, and could prevent you from having to return if arrested again. It becomes difficult to hire a good criminal defense lawyer and build a strong case to clear the drug charges if the person remains in jail instead of posting bail.

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