Probation Violation Bail Bonds

probation violation bail decided by judge

If you have been charged with probation violation, you may be eligible for bail!

Have you been charged with violating your probation? Has your probation officer accused you of missing scheduled meetings or failing to adhere to the guidelines set for you by the court? If you have been charged with a probation violation, Bail Shop, LLC is here to help! We know that you need time to seek legal help and prepare for your trial, so call us at 888-224-5711 when you need to make bail fast!

What Is Probation Violation?

Probation violation occurs when you fail to comply with court set rules for your probation. Some of these rules may include staying within your city or state, submitting to drug testing, random or scheduled, regular meetings with your probation officer, or other rules depending on your original charge. Obviously, the court will also be more strict with you when it comes to other crimes, such as a weapons charge. If your probation officer has seen you break any of the regulations set for you, or if the officer has reasonable doubt that you may have broken them or any other laws, they may charge you with violation of your probation. 

Typically clients on probation were given probation in lieu of jail time. This fact can cause you to owe a higher bail fee to avoid jail time until your trial. Luckily, Bail Shop, LLC is here to assist you.

Follow Up Consistently With Your Probation Officer to Avoid Probation Violations

pass drug tests to adhere to probation

Obey all rules set by your probation officer, including submitting to scheduled or surprise drug tests.

In the future, it essential that you comply with your probation to avoid charges. Probation is often considered a courtesy by the court, and failure to comply can cause the court to deny such leniency in the future. Additionally, as your probation will be called into consideration when your judge decides your bail amount, the fewer violations you have, the more lenient the judge can be. 

Call Bail Shop, LLC Help You With Probation Violation Bail Bonds

Bail Shop, LLC understands that not all arrests are just, and we firmly believe that all of our clients deserve to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. That is why we do our best to get you out of jail quickly so that you can find legal help and prepare for your trial. Probation violation bail can be set quite high, so a bail bond can help you get out faster, for a percentage of the total cost up front. If you need bail in Lebanon and Reading, PA, call Bail Shop, LLC today and see how quickly we can help you at  888-224-5711! We are available 24/7 and we provide service to you and your loved ones!