Weapons Charge Bail Bonds

Know your rights for weapons charges

Weapons charges can be frustrating without a lawyer on your side. Be sure to know your rights in your state when presenting your case.

Have you been hit with a weapons charge? Being arrested can be scary, particularly when you have evidence that will be used against you on your person. We at Bail Shop, LLC understand that not every situation is what it seems to an outside party. We make it a point not to judge our clients about their arrest. We also make it a point to help you make bail and get out of jail before your trial so that you have time to seek legal help and prepare for your court date. If you need bail for weapons charges in Lebanon and Reading, PA, contact us today at 888-224-5711.

Illegal Possession of A Firearm or Other Weapons

Being charged with illegal possession of a firearm or other weapon can be a difficult charge to overcome. That’s why we at Bail Shop, LLC know that you need to to a lawyer and prepare for court before your trial. Those things are rather difficult to achieve from a jail cell, so we are here to help you make bail.

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Protect YOUR right to your weapons! Use bail to get the legal help you deserve!

When it comes to weapons charges, most of them are eligible for bail, assuming the weapons were found on you by an officer, rather than discovered in an assault situation. If you are ever stopped by an officer and you are illegally carrying any weapons, such as brass knuckles, firearms, or knives, you should calmly explain to the officer that you have these items on your person in a steady, non-threatening voice. Doing so will help your case when it goes to trial, and should lower the bail amount you will have to pay. Attempting to hide the items when you have already been stopped by an officer can be considered evasion, which could remove your eligibility for bail!

Know Your State Laws So You Can Avoid Mistakes

It is important that you know the laws in your state that apply to possession of weapons. Even states that allow open carry of weapons require permits and those permits have restrictions. In all 50 states, a convicted felon is not eligible to carry a weapon and to be found with one as a felon may also make you ineligible for bail. 

Call Bail Shop, LLC For Help With Your Weapons Charge

If you are facing a weapons charge and are struggling to make bail in Lebanon and Reading, PA, or if you are looking to make bail for a family member or friend who is facing weapons charges, call Bail Shop, LLC today at  888-224-5711. We offer bail service to you, and we are dedicated to making this process as seamless and simple as possible so that you can get the legal advice and preparation you need to defend your case.