What Happens if Bail Is Set Too High?

Jail Release

A High Bail Amount Can Limit a Defendant’s Ability to Achieve Jail Release.

Though the U.S judicial system is founded on the notion of innocence until proven guilt, those arrested for a crime can face incarceration until the date of their trial. In order to provide for jail release from pre-trial detention, a defendant will receive a bail hearing. Bail represents the amount of money a court holds in security against the defendant’s appearance in court. Unfortunately, bail is often set far above what most people can afford. To understand the reasons for this, you’ll need to consider the matter from the judge’s perspective. Regardless of the bail amount, if you need jail release in Lebanon and Reading, PA, call 888-224-5711 for Bail Shop, LLC.

Justifications for High Bail or Denial of Jail Release

The bail amount for some misdemeanors and most felonies can easily exceed several thousand dollars. Few people have the resources to post bail for these amounts in cash. Furthermore, incarceration limits one’s abilities to access funds or liquidate assets. The following reasons are often cited for high bail, or even the denial of bail altogether.

  • Probation Arrest: Judges do not appreciate when someone is arrested while on probation, and consider it indicative of an inability to remain out of trouble.
  • Flight Risk: If the judge doubts a defendant’s commitment to appear in court, he may deem them a flight risk with an excessive bail amount.
  • Dangerous Offender: A defendant arrested for a violent crime, or for multiple DUIs, can be seen as a public threat. The high bail is meant to mitigate the chance of further offenses.
  • Death Penalty: If a crime carries the threat of death, bail is either denied or set immensely high. The rationale here is clear, as someone facing death has little to lose in flight.

If the amount of money needed to post bail for you or a loved one sits beyond reach in Lebanon and Reading, PA,  enlist the services of a bondsman. For fast jail release, call 888-224-5711 for the local team at Bail Shop, LLC. Of course, jail release does not indicate the end of the matter, as the defendant will face further detention if convicted. This means that, in addition to a bail bondsman, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to fight for your exoneration.