Bailing Someone Out of Jail Basics

If you have never needed to bail someone out of jail, then you probably feel fortunate. It can happen to anyone, however, and when the time comes you may wonder what, exactly, you are supposed to do for them. It’s important to have a basic understanding of what bailing someone out of jail entails, because there are other responsibilities involved in that role.

Bail Basics

Judge's Gavel Handcuffs and Money Brown Table

Bailing Someone Out of Jail is Not Too Difficult.

The bail process is relatively simple once to stop to review it. You can use cash bonds to bail people out of jail. The bonder will have to find out the amount from the jail and what bonds are allowed. In some cases, it may be cash bonds only, which means that a bail bondsman’s services cannot be used. When the bond is set, you can take the cash or bond to the Booking Officer and the inmate will be released into your care.

Bail bond services are the most common methods for bailing someone out. When a judge does not set a cash bond, or the bail is too high and the bonder cannot come up with enough cash, then the bondsman comes

in very handy. When you use a bail bondsman’s services, you pay a percentage of the bail, and then the bondsman pays the rest.


Once the inmate is released, you take on another role; you become responsible for making sure that person shows up for the later court dates. If you don’t, you could be forced to pay the remainder of the bond initially paid by the bondsman. You may also have to disclose your relationship to the inmate so the court can determine the inmate’s and your reliability.

Bailing someone out of jail is not usually a very complicated or difficult thing. Sometimes, it’s the amount of money that’s the problem. So, when you need help with bail bond services in Lebanon and Reading, PA, just call us at 888-224-5711.