4 Unusual Court Sentences

As a judge, the frustration of seeing people fall back into a life a crime can be disheartening. However, some judges have begun to fight back by using unusual court sentences to get their point across and keep offenders from repeating their crimes. We think these four sentences made their point quite well.

These Judges Have had it With the Staus Quo

Judgments Don’t Have to be Traditional.

Beer Bottle Guys

In 2006, an Ohio judge sentenced two men that were found guilty of throwing beer bottles at a woman and yelling sexist slurs to 1 night of walking around downtown dresses in dresses, wigs, and makeup. The judge said the point was to realize what it was like to be a woman.

Disrespect is for the Pigs

When a man showed disrespect to police officers by calling them pigs, he was sentenced to holding a pig on a busy street corner with a sign that said, “This is not a police officer”.

An Idiot on Every Corner

When a Colorado woman was convicted of running up onto a sidewalk to pass a stopped school bus that was letting children off, she was ordered to hold up a sign that read, “Only an Idiot Would Drive on a Sidewalk to Avoid a School Bus”.

Cut it Out

When a 12-year-old girl was convicted of cutting a toddler’s ponytail off at a McDonald’s, she and her accomplice were sentenced to restitution, community service, and a short period in juvenile detention. However, the judge reduced the 12-year-old’s sentence when her mom agreed to cut the girl’s hair to chin-length in the courtroom.

In more and more courtrooms, judges are using their authority in more creative ways to try to spark real change with their court sentences. In these cases, we believe that the defendant will not soon forget their lesson. If you find yourself in front of a judge after being arrested, don’t go it alone. Call the Bail Shop, LLC experts at 888-224-5711 for help.

What Is Contempt of Court?


Understanding Legal Terms Can Help Your Trial Go More Smoothly

If you or a loved one have been arrested then chances are you know how stressful the judicial process can be. Today we will go over one of the commonly used phrases used in court proceedings. Contempt of court is very serious, so understanding what it is can help you avoid being help in contempt of court.

What is Contempt of Court?

Simply put, a person can be held in contempt of court if they somehow interfere with the court’s ability to function properly. If the court feels that your actions are interfering with the effectiveness of the justice system, a judge can hold you in contempt of court.

Two Sides of The Same Coin

You can be help in civil or criminal contempt of court. Civil contempt of court generally refers to individuals who fail to comply with court orders. One common example of civil contempt of court is refusing to pay court-ordered child support. Criminal contempt of court is often seen on TV shows and in movies. Individuals who make loud outbursts in court, or who threaten witnesses or jury members are to be held in criminal contempt of court. When it comes to civil contempt, rapid compliance can often get the contempt charges dismissed. If you are held in criminal contempt of court, however,  those charges require an additional court date. Some defendants find themselves in trials for contempt charges long after the original trials have been settled or completed.

If you or a loved one have been arrested, and you need help posting bail, give us a call today at 888-224-5711!

When Bail is Set

Federal law does not determine when states and local areas will arraign someone. Most places, however, put a defendant in front of a judge within 48 to 72 hours. This time frame can vary if the jail is particularly busy, or if the courts are closed for a weekend, or holiday. If the charges are federal, however, then federal law requires that the defendant be arraigned within 48 hours; again, this only varies on weekend and holidays. It is after this arraignment that a defendant can be bailed out; the first court appearance is when bail is set.

When Bail Gets Set

Gavel Keys Home

When Bail is Set, Call Us.

After a person sees the judge and bail is set, then that defendant can get out of jail by posting that bail. There are situations in which a person doesn’t have to wait in jail prior to seeing a judge. In some circumstances, there is a preset bail amount for the crime, called a bail schedule; this is posted before the defendant sees the judge. Otherwise, a person must wait for bail to be set by the judge.

Every accused person has the right to see a judge. The time frame for this depends upon the crime and court. The person who knows his or her rights is more likely to get out faster. If you know that the crime of which you are accused has a set bail, then you can contact someone for bail immediately.

When you need bail in Lebanon, PA, contact Bail Shop. We know the local laws and how to get you out of jail fast when bail is set. Just call us at 888-224-5711.

Bailing Someone Out of Jail Basics

If you have never needed to bail someone out of jail, then you probably feel fortunate. It can happen to anyone, however, and when the time comes you may wonder what, exactly, you are supposed to do for them. It’s important to have a basic understanding of what bailing someone out of jail entails, because there are other responsibilities involved in that role.

Bail Basics

Judge's Gavel Handcuffs and Money Brown Table

Bailing Someone Out of Jail is Not Too Difficult.

The bail process is relatively simple once to stop to review it. You can use cash bonds to bail people out of jail. The bonder will have to find out the amount from the jail and what bonds are allowed. In some cases, it may be cash bonds only, which means that a bail bondsman’s services cannot be used. When the bond is set, you can take the cash or bond to the Booking Officer and the inmate will be released into your care.

Bail bond services are the most common methods for bailing someone out. When a judge does not set a cash bond, or the bail is too high and the bonder cannot come up with enough cash, then the bondsman comes

in very handy. When you use a bail bondsman’s services, you pay a percentage of the bail, and then the bondsman pays the rest.


Once the inmate is released, you take on another role; you become responsible for making sure that person shows up for the later court dates. If you don’t, you could be forced to pay the remainder of the bond initially paid by the bondsman. You may also have to disclose your relationship to the inmate so the court can determine the inmate’s and your reliability.

Bailing someone out of jail is not usually a very complicated or difficult thing. Sometimes, it’s the amount of money that’s the problem. So, when you need help with bail bond services in Lebanon and Reading, PA, just call us at 888-224-5711.

4 Common Bail Bond Myths Debunked

4 Common Bail Bond Myths Debunked

Debunked Bail Bond Myths.

If you’ve never dealt with bail bonds or had to use them, the whole business can be a little bit mind-boggling. While we never want to be in a situation where we might end up in jail, it’s important to know what is and isn’t true about bail bonds and the bail bond industry. Below are five common bail bond myths that have been debunked.

Cash Only When You Get a Bail Bond

A lot of people assume that you can only pay in cash for a bail bond; this is definitely not true. You can pay with cash, credit card, or whatever else your bail bondsmen accepts.

Full Bail Bond Amount Immediately

Say you are bailing out a family member and the bail is $1,000, people tend to get a little scared that they have to pay that much in full. Good news, you don’t! When you put down money for a bond, you only have to pay 10%.

Once You Pay, You Have No More Obligations

This is another one of those bail bond myths that need to be addressed. Just because you get bailed out, doesn’t mean you are through. You will have to go to your assigned court date and set everything straight before everything is finished.

Only Family Members Can Bail You Out

If you have the financial resources to bail out a friend, significant other or even a co-worker, you are more than welcome to. As long as the bail bond is paid, it doesn’t matter who posts the bail.

If you need bail bond services in Lebanon, PA, call Bail Shop today at 888-224-5711.

Mistakes To Avoid After Arrest

Arrest Mistakes

Watch Out For These Mistakes If You Are Ever Arrested!

Getting arrested can be a frightening and harrowing experience. However, it is essential to remain calm and in control of the situation, despite how nervous you may be. Today we will discuss a few common mistakes to avoid after being arrested. Avoiding these mistakes will help you remain safe, as well as make sure you are entitled to all of your rights throughout the arrest process.

Admitting The Crime Or Pleading Guilty

When you are under pressure from police, some people feel tempted to tell the officers what they think they want to hear, and admit guilt to a crime they may not have committed. In the United states, you are considered innocent until proven guilty, and you should wait to speak to an attorney before you speak to anyone. 

Attempting To Run Or Struggle

Attempting to run or resist arrest is an automatic felony in most states. This means that running away is a guaranteed way to make things worse.

Attempting To Explain

The number one thing you need to remember when being arrested is that you have the right to remain silent, and you should use it! If you feel that you have been wrongly accused, it is tempting to explain the situation. However,  you do not owe any answers to the police, and any misspoken words could be used to incriminate you. Politely let them know that you are claiming your right to an attorney, as well as your right o remain silent.

After you speak to your attorney, give us a call for bail assistance. The sooner you can get out of jail, the sooner you can get working on your case!




How to Achieve Probation Success

Probation Success

Violation of Any Probation Terms Can Land Someone Back in Jail.

If you received probation in place of a jail sentence, then you’ve won a great opportunity. Rather than sit in jail, you have the opportunity to enjoy friends and family and remain a productive member of society. Of course, probation comes with many requirements. To become a probation success, make sure to follow these tips.

Satisfy Requirements

Most probation terms with come with assorted requirements for successful completion. These could include fines, community service, or counseling classes. The court will assign every probationer a supervision officer to track progress toward these goals. Ideally, you should display measurable progress at each appointment with your officer. Get too off-track of these goals, and you may receive a violation.

Keep Appointments

Aside from your probation requirements, you will need to keep regular appointments with your probation officer and/or the court. Bottom line, if your presence is required for anything while on probation, keep the appointment and arrive in a timely manner. If you must miss an appointment, make sure you provide plenty of advance notice.

Stay Clean

In many instances, probation will come with a random drug test requirement. If you received a conviction for an alcohol-related offense, these tests could also check for drinking. Failure of one of these tests through use of an illegal substance will reflect very poorly on a probationer. To stay out of jail, a probationer should avoid all substance use.

If you fail to achieve probation success and violate your terms, you could very well wind up back in jail. For a probation violation bail bond in Lebanon, PA, contact Bail Shop, LLC, at 888-224-5711.

Four People With Incredibly High Bail

It is common knowledge that all Americans have the right to bail, and that bail amounts are to be set to a reasonable amount. However, there are exceptions to every rule! In the event that the judge believes a defendant is a danger to society, or a flight risk, he or she can decide to refuse bail, or set a higher than usual amount. In addition, the bail amount is often chosen in reference to the amount of money the defendant earns. And for those who aren’t in America, they are subject to their own country’s laws on bail. Today we will share with you the stories of 4 individuals with incredibly high bail amounts!

Kening Ma & Shirley Ji

This couple was served with a combined bail amount of 175 million dollars! Based out of Southern California, the husband and wife were taken in for selling all-terrain vehicles without a smog certificate. Kening Ma was held at a bail amount of 100 million, and his wife was held at 75 million.

Michael Milken

This man was arrested in 1989 for 98 counts of racketeering and security fraud. When it comes to financial crimes, you can count on a hefty bail, but his was set at 250 million, one of the highest bail amounts of all time! He was found guilty, but only served 2 years out of his 10 year sentence.


Julius Meinl

This British billionaire was arrested for involvement with illegal share buybacks, and insider trading. His bail was set at 133 million!



No matter how high your own bail amount may be, you’re not alone! Give us a call at 888-224-5711 to get started with one of our professional bail bondsman today!

What a Bail Bond Cosigner Should Expect

What a Bail Bond Cosigner should expect

If you become a bail bond cosigner for a buddy or a family member, you’re taking responsibility for them. In the court’s’ eyes, while this person is incarcerated someone on the outside needs to also be held accountable for their actions. This means when you sign the papers on a bail for a friend, you are liable for the money you pay, any assets that your bailee may have agreed to use as collateral and most of all you will be contacted if your bailee doesn’t make it to court. If they leave town or the state, which normally, they won’t have permission to, you will be expected to pay for fines or fees this incurs, even if you never committed a crime.

Bail Bond Cosigner in Lebanon, PA

What to expect if you’re a bail bond cosigner.

What Exactly is a Bail Bond?

A bond is basically pays for jail so you don’t have to stay there, but it doesn’t delete a court date and appearance, and doesn’t affect a judge’s determination of innocence or guilt. It basically ensures the court that you will appear if they let you out of jail now. The government does NOT provide or offer this service – but they dutifully allow third party agencies to make these agreement with you. This means that with every company or organization that offer bail bonds can have slightly different rules, because they are dealt with by independent enterprises and regulatory statutes differ from state to state. Bail Shop LLC can handle bonds all over the US, so you always know what to expect with no surprises and you will ALWAYS have someone you can call if you need to.

The process of bail bonds can be confusing because there’s so many stipulations and rules. But when it’s a friend in jail or a family member, the process can be more than stressful. Contact us at 888-224-5711 for help if you are a bail bond cosigner in Lebanon, PA, today.

The Bail Bonds Industry: Who Can You Trust?

For a bail bonds service that you can trust, call Bail Shop LLC.


You may have heard rumors that you can’t trust anyone in the bail bonds industry. However, this is not true. The only people who would say this are the ones that have never truly dealt with the bail bonds industry. This would be an incredibly pessimistic way to view the industry and the world for that matter. It’s not an accurate point of view, especially with the times that we’re in. The bail bonds industry has made a dramatic improvement throughout the past few decades. There may have been a time when untrustworthy people encompassed the industry, but it is now predominantly honorable bail bond agencies, who offer an exceptional level of service and phenomenal care for their customers.

There are, however,  still people out there who shouldn’t be trusted ruin it for everyone else. These are the people only interested in making fast money. To call them bail bondsmen is insulting to true bail bondsmen. Most of them are merely scammers. They seek to attract you with promises of substantially low prices and turnaround times that are too good to be true. Unfortunately they are in fact too good to be true. People like this will just take your money and run, rather than actually helping you bail someone out of jail.
In order to avoid people like this, you just need to trust your instincts. Only trust bail bond agencies with a good reputation and who will discuss your situation. Make sure you ask them for more information about their company.  If you aren’t happy with the answers they give you, tell them that you’ll continue to look elsewhere. You aren’t obligated to start the process right away. You can talk to the bail bond agency in order to figure out if you trust them.

To find a bail bond agent you can trust in Lebanon, PA call Bail Shop LLC today! We can help you make bail. Contact us at 888-224-5711.