What is a Cash Bond?

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What is a Cash Only Bond?

Cash Bond

A Cash Bond Must be Paid in Full

After you get arrested and taken to the local jail, you will have a bail hearing where a judge or other official will determine your eligibility for bail. Those charged with violent crimes are often held without bail, but the majority of defendants are eligible. The judge will determine your eligibility based on your specific charges, prior criminal record, flight risk, and other information. If the judge decides that you can be released on bail, he or she may designate it as cash bail or cash-only. This means that you must pay the full amount and can not use a surety bond or bail bond.

Cash only bonds are often required for repeat offenders or those with a high flight risk, or a person’s likelihood to jump bail. This may also happen if you have unpaid fines or restitution. If you do not have the money to pay the cash bond, you must remain in jail until your court date. While this usually happens within a few days, you could be waiting for a week or more if the system is backed up.

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