Surety Bond

What Is A Surety Bond?

printed surety bond with glasses

Do you need a surety bond? read on to learn what to know about surety bonds!

Are you asking what a surety bond is? A surety bond is a bond between 3 parties, the obligee, the principal, and the surety. The obligee is the person the bond protects, the principal is the person who needs to obtain and pay for the bond, and the surety is the entity that backs the financial responsibility of the principal. A surety bond can sometimes be compared to a form of credit extended to the principal by the surety. 

In the case of a surety bond, the principal is responsible for all costs and obligations. The surety is there to guarantee to the obligee that the principal will fulfill all responsibilities.

What If The Claim Is Paid By The Surety?

The principal is required to meet all obligations set in the surety bond, financial or otherwise. Sometimes the obligee may submit claims, and it is essential that the principal handles all claims before the surety is obliged to pay out on them. If the surety pays on a claim, the principal will be required to pay the claim to the surety, along with other fees. Additionally, letting a claim fall to the surety will seriously decrease the chance of principal approval for future surety bonding.

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