How to Help an Arrested Friend

If you’ve ever been present for a friend’s arrest, you likely experienced feelings of helplessness and anger. To stand and watch while an arrested friend gets taken away accomplishes nothing; if you act appropriately and ask the right questions, you put yourself in a better position to help. If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, follow these four steps to help a friend in need.

Steps to Help an Arrested Friend

Arrested Friend

Proactive steps can help an arrested friend — before they get placed in the cruiser.

Remain calm and treat the police with respect. Inappropriate behavior will not only worsen your friend’s situation, but also put you at risk for arrest. Most importantly, maintain a respectful tone with officers, and avoid foul language and aggressive statements.

Confirm the reason for the arrest. Occasionally, police will take someone into custody for questioning without a charge. If this happens, know that your arrested friend cannot be held for long. If the police actually arrest your friend, ask them about the charge. If you believe the arrest has happened under false pretenses, calmly and respectfully explain your reasoning to the officers.

Find out where the police will book your friend. After an arrest, all suspects of a crime get taken to booking. This represents the first step of incarceration, where your friend will get fingerprinted, photographed, and formally charged.

Make some phone calls. Consider making a phone call to your friend’s family. Unless you plan to bail your friend out yourself, you will need to communicate with family to ensure your friend’s quick release. Once the judge has set your friend’s bail, you can also call a bail bondsman to help affect an early release.

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