Know Your Rights When Getting Arrested

Being arrested is frightening, especially if it has never happened to you before. Do not make the situation any worse and be able to get back to your freedom as quickly as possible by knowing what to do when police say you are under arrest.

Police Have To Ask To Search Your Belongings Without A Search Warrant

If they don’t have a warrant or don’t ask before searching, it is against the law. If they do ask, politely decline. Being accused of something you may not have done can be aggravating, but replying back to the officer with an attitude can make the situation worse.

Don’t Get Unlawfully Arrested. Know Your Rights.

If you get pulled over, don’t look at where the items that you don’t want the police to search. This gives them the right for “Probable Cause,” which means they are then allowed to search you. If they come to your home, do not let them in without a search warrant. Step outside to talk to them so they cannot look inside your home.

Stay Silent

Say you will only speak with a lawyer present to not further incriminate yourself. Police are smart, and can ask tricky questions that can twist your innocent answer into a potential declaration of guilt. Make sure they read you your Miranda Rights when you are getting arrested.

Don’t Resist

This will add additional charges to you. You may be completely innocent, but the police still have to verify that. It’s a sucky situation, but it will be over soon. See if there are witnesses around, or if the dash or body cams are recording for your protection.

With so many police violence issues happening today, it is more important than ever to know how to act around them to save yourself. If you think you have had your rights violated when you were arrested in LebanonLebanon and Reading, PA, contact Bail Shop, LLC at 888-224-5711 today.