What Can Lead to a Probation Violation?

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A Violation of Probation Will Lead to a Warrant for Your Arrest.

If you were convicted of a crime and received a sentence of probation, then you managed to avoid jail time. Of course, probation comes with its own rules and fees. If you cannot abide by the requirements outlined in your sentence, or through your probation officer’s discretion, you will find yourself in violation of probation. A violation will lead to your arrest and detention in anticipation of a revocation hearing.

Any number of things can happen at a revocation hearing, from the extension of your probation, to the addition of new requirements or complete revocation. If you have your probation revoked, you will return to jail for the entirety of your original sentence. Worse yet, none of the time you spent on probation will count towards this sentence. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, you’ll want to understand exactly how a violation of probation can occur.

Actions That Can Lead to a Violation of Probation

Probation typically comes with a bevy of requirements, including the timely payment of fees, fines, and restitution, regular meetings with your probation officer, and classes you must attend. Probationers will also have an assortment of activities they must avoid, including, of course, any criminal activity or use of illegal substances. If you want to succeed on probation, you must adhere to each and every requirement. The following actions will lead to a probation violation and revocation hearing.

  • Additional Criminal Charges: If you are arrested while on probation, you’re in for a good bit of trouble. Judges do not take kindly to probationers who blow their opportunity through the intentional commitment of another crime.
  • Positive Test for Drugs or Alcohol: A common reason for probation violations occurs through drug or alcohol use. Many probationers are subject to random drug tests. If your original arrest involved alcohol, then you will likely endure testing for it, in addition to drugs.
  • Missed Appointments: Missing an appointment with your probation officer can absolutely lead to a violation. The entire point of probation is a commitment to community supervision. If you fail to show up for a scheduled appointment with your officer, this supervision cannot occur. If you must miss an appointment, notify your officer beforehand.
  • Weapon Possession: Probationers cannot carry weapons, regardless of any concealed carry permit they have. If you are caught with a weapon, it usually indicates involvement in another crime. This combination of charges will frequently lead to revocation.

All in all, the key to surviving probation is to simply follow the rules laid out for you. If you do receive a probation violation, you will find yourself in handcuffs, in need of further bail bond service. For help with a violation of probation in Lebanon and Reading, PA, reach out to the expert team at Bail Shop, LLC. We’re available anytime you need, so pick up the phone and dial 888-224-5711.