What Does Probation Violation Mean?

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Learn More About a Probation Violation

When you find yourself with probation you are getting a chance to be released from the confines of jail during particular legal proceedings. However, this is all dependent on your behavior and you will be supervised in case you commit a probation violation. Being released from jail on probation does not mean that you will be exempt from court proceedings, fines, paperwork, and other legal expectations. There are conditions and behaviors that need to be met and followed with your probation that will vary depending on your particular case. It’s therefore essential to be aware of what rules to follow with your probation officer so that future proceedings may pass more smoothly. When in doubt, contact your legal representative for clarification. Until then, here is some information regarding the concept of a probation violation that may prove useful to you.

Do I need a lawyer for probation violation?

It’s highly recommended to have legal representation to present a case or give evidence with an explanation if there is an admittance of a probation violation. 

What happens when you violate probation in PA?

There are a few possible outcomes with probation violation in Pennsylvania such as revocation of the probation which results in jail time for the rest of the original sentence. Revocation of the probation and another sentence up to the legal maximum of your original crime. There can also be mandatory enrollment in a counseling program, or drug or alcohol rehabilitation.

What happens if you violate probation for the first time?

The consequences of a first-time probation violation will vary depending on the case as well as the violation. As such, more serious repercussions can include additional terms to your probation, jail time, and other courses of action dependent on your situation such as going to treatment for substance abuse when you originally have drug charges.

Will you go to jail for first probation violation?

You won’t automatically be put back into jail with a probation violation as there is a court process that will have to take place just as it was there for your criminal charge. This one however will differ in that it will instead take place in a probation court with new rules and requirements being added in place.

Can you get bailed out of jail on a probation violation?

If you were arrested and taken to jail you’ll have a first appearance to determine a bond. As there is not entitlement to bond for a probation violation case, expect that some judges will allow for a bond while some won’t. 

How long does it take for a probation violation hearing?

How long it would take between the arrest and the probation violation hearing will vary by the jurisdiction. With jurisdictions that have programs such as “fast track” or “early case resolution” for VOP cases, you may expect to have your probation violation hearing take place in two weeks.

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What is considered a probation violation in Pennsylvania?

  • Technical Violations
    • Failing to contact your probation officer as scheduled;
    • Failing a drug test;
    • Not notifying your probation officer about a move or job change;
    • Quitting your job or leaving school;
    • Failing to complete mandatory drug or alcohol counseling; and
    • Failing to pay fines, fees, or restitution.
  • New Criminal Offenses
    • Summary offenses.
    • Misdemeanors.

Does a probation officer have to report a violation?

It is under the discretion of a probation officer to report a probation violation of repeated or serious violations. They may or may not report the first discretion if it was small yet if it repeats they are likely to.

Can you drink alcohol on probation in PA?

There is a no-alcohol clause for just about any offense in the state of Pennsylvania and your chances of getting out of this probation violation are small. Make sure you are not consuming alcohol during your probation.

Does PA extradite for probation violation?

As a general rule for people arrested in Pennsylvania, if you are charged with committing a crime in another state including probation violation, skipping bail, or violation of parole, you may sign a written waiver of extradition form.

Speak to Your Attorney & Bail Bondsman

If you have committed a probation violation you may be able to contact your local bail bondsman for assistance. What’s more, make sure to get in touch with your attorney to see what courses of action can be done to help with your probation violation so that you can take the correct approach following a probation violation. As with any case that involves legal matters it’s important to be aware of deadlines, court proceedings, and other restrictions and follow through with them while making an effort to be on good behavior. If you have any questions or are confused about the terms given with your probation or particular case seek legal advice and representation soon.

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