When Bail is Set

Federal law does not determine when states and local areas will arraign someone. Most places, however, put a defendant in front of a judge within 48 to 72 hours. This time frame can vary if the jail is particularly busy, or if the courts are closed for a weekend, or holiday. If the charges are federal, however, then federal law requires that the defendant be arraigned within 48 hours; again, this only varies on weekend and holidays. It is after this arraignment that a defendant can be bailed out; the first court appearance is when bail is set.

When Bail Gets Set

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When Bail is Set, Call Us.

After a person sees the judge and bail is set, then that defendant can get out of jail by posting that bail. There are situations in which a person doesn’t have to wait in jail prior to seeing a judge. In some circumstances, there is a preset bail amount for the crime, called a bail schedule; this is posted before the defendant sees the judge. Otherwise, a person must wait for bail to be set by the judge.

Every accused person has the right to see a judge. The time frame for this depends upon the crime and court. The person who knows his or her rights is more likely to get out faster. If you know that the crime of which you are accused has a set bail, then you can contact someone for bail immediately.

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